Unified Browser Interface

Unified Browser Interface

Get centralized insights across decentralized data silos.

Embrace the power of a singular, smart view that extends your full cybersecurity ecosystem.

See And Act In One Place

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Universal data centralization has always been a lofty goal. It was unattainable in a much simpler time, but in today's world, it's honestly impossible. It's time to free yourself from trying to fit the square peg in the round hole.

Our browser-based platform empowers you to access and view every one of your cybersecurity environments through a singular console—no data centralization required.

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Get Investigation Answers In Minutes

Typical investigations take 20 syntaxes and pivots to look at 20 different systems. Analysts can easily spend an hour to answer, “what other system has been to this domain?” 

Query.AI gives your team a paradigm shift. The unified browser serves as the data hub that connects your security platforms and environments. This gives your team a single spot to simultaneously investigate across all tools. Ask one question and get accurate end-to-end insights and outcomes in minutes.

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"Query.AI gives us a 365-pane-of-glass. It’s immensely valuable to see everything in our multi-complex environment through a central console. I can’t even put numbers on it.”

Chris Borkenhagen



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Federated Search
Federated Search

Achieve complete visibility and context across your full cybersecurity ecosystem.

Single Query Language
Single Query Language

Boost your team’s potential and efficiency.

Platform Agility
Platform Agility

Gain real-time, API-driven insights from your evolving environment.


Closed Loop Response
Closed-Loop Response

Go from alert-to-response with speed and confidence.


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